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Kyrenia municipal open air market. Here you will find fantastic value on a vast range of goods, especially fruit, vegetables, cheeses, yoghurts, oils and vinegars (often brought in from the country by farming families), fish, footwear, clothing and all sorts of odds and ends.


Here you can buy about everything you might need; clothing, household items, flowers, fish and fresh fruit and vegetables. You can also buy freshly pressed olive oil there, mostly made by the vendor itself (and it does come very often in re-used bottles of J&B, Bells or Teachers!).


Everything from clothes, shoes, nuts, sweets, olive oil, honey, home made cheese as well as fruit and vegetables are sold. Produce is fresh, and local people are encouraged to sell the excess from their own gardens. The market opens early, and continues till about 1pm. It is situated on the main street opposite the museum and church.


11am – 4pm, Buyukkonuk village centre, Karpaz. Organised by the Eco-Tourism Association, the market has handicrafts, traditional food, and local produce. The market is held every Sunday from the week after the eco day in October, to the week before the eco day in May.

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